Our services include advising on the best strategy for foreign productions filming in Poland, as well as, helping Polish ones filming in the US. With years of experience, working as a liaison between Polish and American film industry, we help with all the aspects of the production in either country. From pre-production, research, and scheduling through postproduction, location scouting and obtaining permits to securing talents, crews and equipment, accommodation and transfers.

We help international clients, from all over the world, with their film shoots in Poland. We offer full services and are able to handle all parts of the production.

We have a flexible approach and can provide:

  • Budgeting

  • Booking the crew

  • Supervising and coordinating the production

  • Scheduling

  • Translating

  • Overseeing scouting, locations and obtaining the permits

Kulture+ Productions draws on its knowledge in the production world to provide producers with a comprehensive view on how best to tap into film incentives in Poland:

  • Polish Film Institute's "Incentives" program - up to 30% of the cash rebate

  • Regional Funds

  • others